Love Works by Joel Manby


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“After appearing on Undercover Boss, I never imagined how people from across the world would embrace our company and culture. The overwhelming response and hunger for a better a way to lead inspired me to write a book. Love Works is the result. It is a practical and 'how-to' guide for all leaders—whether you lead a company or a carpool.” —Joel Manby

In Love Works, Joel Manby introduces us to the power of love in the workplace—the verb, not the emotion. After years of leading thousands of men and women, Manby has proven that leading with love is effective, even in a business environment. Manby challenges leaders to allow integrity and faith to guide leadership decisions, outlining seven time-proven principles that break down the natural walls within corporate cultures, empowering managers and employees, disarming difficulties, and cultivating an atmosphere that builds long-term success.

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